Monday, July 8, 2013

Quitting Smoking SUCKS...A Smoker's Story

Ok, let me first let you know that I am a 25 year smoker who is on day 3 without a cigarette. I admit, I'm pretty antsy right now, but its all good. Hopefully, this will translate into a better blog post because I AM THERE right now, and I want to rip someone's head off! But, I must admit, I am cheating. I'm using Ecigs. I'll tell you the brand later, but first before people call me a fraud because I'm using Ecigs, let me tell you this...Ecigs give you the same amount of nicotine as the patch or nicotine gum. And, if you've ever been around someone on either of those products, you know they don't work very well. The main reason is because they do not deposit the nicotine where you need it...Your lungs! I've tried nicotine gum and the patch. They did not work at all because while I could feel that there was nicotine in my system, I was still burning for it in my lungs.

But before we get into Ecigs, I am going to go on a rant about non smokers, and how they treat smokers. Smokers have been reduced in stature to below that of a Muslim terrorist. Case in point: I was at an Atlanta Falcons football game back in 2005. The Falcons have a smoking section outside the stadium, but that isn't what I am talking about. After the game was over, I got outside the stadium. This game was in October, and in Atlanta, its still pretty warm. I came out, and lit up a smoke. Instantly, there were people around me fake coughing. I ignored them, but the person I did not ignore was wearing a turban, a multi layered winter coat, and had a full beard, and was standing alone. NO ONE other than me noticed this guy. I got the hell out of there, and as I went, I heard people yelling at me, saying that I was damn right for getting my filthy smoking ass out of there.

I am glad this guy was not a terrorist, but can you imagine if he had been, and blew himself up? All those people who were judging me about being a smoker, and cheering when I rushed out of there would have been dead. My point about all of this is that there are MUCH worse people out there than smokers.

Need I remind you that smoking is LEGAL in this country? However, crossing the border without a passport is illegal, and most of these politicians who want to gouge the smokers with taxes as punishment for smoking seem to have no problem when it comes to illegal aliens...or should I say future Democrats BREAKING the law to come into the country. They have no problem wiping their ass with the constitution if it means more votes for them.

That brings me to the biggest hypocrite of them all...President Barack Hussein Obama. In the campaign for his first election, he swore that he would not raise taxes on the middle class or poor people. THE FIRST THING HE DID while in office was to sign a bill that doubled the price of cigarettes. And, HE IS A SMOKER!!! (or he was when he was elected, and signed that bill. Not sure if he quit smoking or not.)

That was a tax increase, you asshole!

Not to mention the fact that smokers have to stand outside, and listen to snide remarks from the enlightened nonsmokers as they walk by. One time, I lost it. I was in a designated smoking area outside a mall that I worked in. A man and a 10 year old girl walked by. There was a no smoking sign on the entrance to the mall. The girl fake coughed, and asked her dad what the sign said. The dad laughed, and said that "that guy must not know how to read." I flipped, and said that I was sitting in a designated smoking area, and that I didn't appreciate them talking about me like that. The father gave me his wounded liberal response, asking me how dare I talk to him like that. I asked him "Oh, what? You're offended? I'm in a designated smoking area, and YOU and your daughter are the aggressors here." He just mumbled something and went inside.

That is what smokers have to put up with. Its ridiculous. Do you non smokers realize how much YOUR taxes would increase if tobacco was suddenly declared illegal, and the government lost all that tax revenue from smokers? You spiteful, hateful, holier than thou nonsmokers should be thanking smokers for voluntarily paying that extra tax!

While I want to become a nonsmoker, I will never look at a smoker as a second class citizen, which is what many who have never smoked do. 

Quitting smoking is VERY hard to do. I made it a week once. And after a week, you have done it. You're home free, but some friends asked me if I wanted to go to a bar. I agreed, drank a beer, and another one...OOPS! 

So, here I am, quitting smoking. I have been getting some warning signs like pain while breathing. That was enough. I'm done. But, I'm smoking Ecigs, and they are helping. 

Most people don't realize that smokers are addicted to many other things than just nicotine. There are many other chemicals in cigarettes that are addictive. Believe it or not, you are also addicted to the SMOKE itself.

So, let's go to my current situation. As I mentioned, nicotine gum and the patch don't work. You will still crave the feeling in your lungs. Enter Ecigs. Its just water vapor with nicotine. My theory is simple. Use Ecigs until you've broken the addiction to all the other crap in cigarettes. Once you've done that, back off of the Ecigs until you're free! Its just like the directions on nicotine gum or the patch. Except like I said, with Ecigs, you are getting the nicotine where you need it. 

They taste the best, and have the strongest nicotine available that I've seen, at 2.4%. nicotine. I'm drinking tonight as I write this, on day 3 without a cigarette, and I'm doing just fine. Want to quit smoking? Find an Ecig that works for you. Use it for a couple weeks to get rid of all the other crap in your body from cigarettes. Then, back off the Ecig. All the brands have different levels of nicotine to step down to.
Wish me good luck, and I wish you good luck too!
EDIT, a year later, I picked the habit up again, and haven't been able to stop. Ecigs didn't work this time. Dammit. I suck.

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  1. I am not generally bothered by smokers who try to keep their smoke out of my area, like staying the smoking area as you say. What bothers me is the attitude that "the world is my ash tray" that so many smokers have. My yard isn't your butt-can, and neither or the streets or sidewalks. I don't throw my beer bottles out in to the street.