Friday, May 10, 2013

Stairway to Humdrum, Highway to...HEADACHES!!!

I get it, ok??? I get that Led Zeppelin is a founder of hard rock, and heavy metal. I really do. I understand. I know this to be true. I realize that Led Zeppelin is a LEGENDARY band. I understand that I am a moron if I do not worship at the altar in front of the 'Houses of the Holy.'

When is enough enough? In the town that I reluctantly live in and am stuck in, there is a rock station called 'BAD DOG.' They play a mix of 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000s, and current music. You would think that would be a good format right? Play enough variety of rock to please everybody, right?

You're wrong.

This radio station might as well be called 'BLACK DOG.' Every single hour, you will hear one Led Zeppelin song, one AC/DC song, one ZZ Top song, and one Aerosmith song, followed by the top latest hits from the current bands that you are also sick of. You can literally set your watch to Zed Zeppelin. They will also throw one of four Guns n Roses songs, one of four Judas Priest songs, and a Rush song. And the songs of course are all the songs by the various bands that you have been sick of since the late 80's because radio stations play NOTHING ELSE.

Instead of playing songs like 'A Touch of Evil' by Judas Priest, we get 'Breaking the Law, and Living After Midnight. Think they will even play something like Victim of Changes or Diamonds and Rust?

You've Got Another Think Coming.

Don't think I'm just bitching about the crappy rock station in the crappy town I live in. Radio stations like this exist all over the country. They do it because they think that all the classic rock they play will get them a larger audience. But what they don't realize is that there are also stations that play nothing but CLASSIC ROCK! But stations like Bad (Black) Dog play MORE Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, etc than even most CLASSIC ROCK STATIONS!!!

When was the last time you were listening to the radio and Stairway came on, and you just flipped out with excitement? Me personally, I have NEVER done that, and neither have you. I did like it back in the late 80's and early 90's when the rock stations didn't play Led Zeppelin during the day. At 9:00 PM, they would 'GET THE LED OUT!!!!' That was cool. It made you look forward to it if you wanted to hear it. But they don't do that anymore. They just play the entire Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, ZZ Top, etc catalog every single day of the week, over and over again.

STOP IT ALREADY!!! You want to play a variety? Here's a suggestion. Play other stuff. You think you are playing a variety, but all you are doing is playing EVERYTHING that has been worn out over the years. One DJ actually said "All right, rockers, we got a real treat coming up for you right after this break!" It was Free Bird. Really? That's a treat? It was more like being forced to eat your Brussels Sprouts as a kid.

Bottom line here is that if I want to hear Led Zep, ZZ Top, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, etc, I will listen to a classic rock station. But stations like this one have made sure that I will NEVER want to hear Led Zep, AC/DC, etc again as long as I live. If the radio stations  want to do something different, step outside of the box and ditch the songs that we all heard 10,000 times before hitting puberty. Dig a little deeper into the 80's rock/metal. Instead of playing Paradise City, Sweet Child of Mine, and Welcome to the Jungle, play Mr. Brownstone, Live and Let Die, or You Could be Mine. Use this template for your entire artist catalog.

Just in case you need any help, Ratt has more songs than Round and Round. Queensryche has more songs than Silent Lucidity and Jet City Woman. Deep Purple has more songs than Smoke on the Water.

I just can't believe that people stand for this crap.

Do I like Led Zep, AC/DC, ZZ Top, etc? YES! I DO! But that isn't the point. I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR SOMETHING DIFFERENT for a change!!! Literally, if I hear these same songs, I change the station. Translated, I listen to more talk radio these days than music. So called 'rock radio' is the number one recruitment tool for sports, and political talk radio. Why? Because program directors don't know how to listen to their fans. One person who calls the radio station and tells the DJ that the station rocks is all they need to hear. They are validated.

That is bullshit.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Come on. I know I'm not! I know you change the station too!

There's a lady who's sure
That her radio's broke
Because all that it plays is Led Zeppelin....

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  1. This is one of the main reasons that other than when Eddie Trunks show is on in the local market ( on friday nights) I do not use my radio for music at all. I'll either hook up my Ipod or pop in a disc. If I were able to dial in the Seton Hall radio station I would still listen to them from time to time because they would never play the status quo from the bands. They'd go out of their way to always pick the more obscure tracks, but their transmision is pretty weak and the last I heard of them, they were playing more of the death/black metal which doesn't do anything for me.