Friday, April 26, 2013

Dolphins new logo and uniforms? Myths BUSTED!

The Miami Dolphins have drastically changed their logo and uniforms. For the past couple months, the so called 'fans' have been making it impossible to read Dolphins related stories by posting over and over things like 'THE NEW LOGO SUCKS!!!" Pretty much ANY story that was released was trolled by their own fans. A new free agent added? "THE NEW LOGO SUCKS!!!" A profile of a potential draft pick? "THE NEW LOGO SUCKS!!!" Stadium news? "THE NEW LOGO SUCKS!!!"

I am going to address the comments that I have seen on all these stories in this blog.

Comment number 1: The logo looks like the Sea World logo. Lets

compare, shall we?

Comment number 2: Dolphins don't look like that out of the water! This dolphin is swimming! The old logo shows how a dolphin looks when it jumps out of the water!!

Hey..Our fins aren't limp in the
wild, SEA WORLD!

Comment number 3: The old logo shows a tough looking dolphin. The new one looks like a killer whale! 

Comment number 4: This new dolphin looks wimpy. 
You do know that dolphins can kill sharks right? Can a seahawk or a buffalo kill a shark? 

Comment number 5: I hate that new color. It looks too pretty. 

The Dolphins went plain. Plain is good. Plain is better than flashy! Plain is better than the paint splattered Jacksonville Jaguars uniforms.

Comment number 6: Dolphins GM, Jeff Ireland is horrible, and needs to be fired! We could do ALOT worse. Seriously. Jerry Jones anybody? 
Let's recap what he's done this year...Forget about previous years where he had Sparano and Parcells influencing him, let's look at THIS off season! He brings in coach Joe Philbin, and grabs a quarterback to build on. Then, he brings in 2 great wide receivers, a tight end, not to mention several great defensive players. He also stockpiles draft picks. The fans criticize praise this, yet torch the man when he trades up to get one of the best defensive players in the draft, Deion Jordan. 

Do you realize how deadly our D-line is going to be with Jordan lining up opposite Cameron Wake? I heard one guy say that they brought in Jordan with
Tom Brady in mind.

Miami has lots of draft picks this year. You make trades to get the players you want. Its not like he blew the entire draft to get one player. Give him a chance, people! At least give him a chance to fail with this lineup!

Remember this guy? Lots
of draft analysts were comparing
Jordan to him. 

So, my fellow Dolphins fans, why not have faith. The Dolphins have tried everything else. The only thing they have not tried is building a team from scratch. They started the process last year by bringing in Ryan Tannehill, and Johnathan Martin. Believe it or not, getting rid of Brandon Marshall was a good thing. The guy is one screw up away from being suspended for an entire year. Last year, the Phins weren't supposed to win 3 games. They won 7, and Tannehill was very solid with no real threats to throw to. Now, they do. Wallace, Gibson, and Keller. The running game was lacking last year. Why? No passing threat. Just wait until this new offensive lineup takes the field. There is a changing of the guard coming in the AFC East. Have faith, and stop bitching about it. If this lineup flops, I'll be the first person to show Ireland the door. However, I think Jeff Ireland is going to be around for a long time.

So, suck it up, Dolfans! And keep your hatred of the uniforms off the stories unless the story itself is about the logo and uniforms. You don't like them. We get it! But alot of Dolfans do like them, and would like to read the damn story! When Denver and New England's uniforms and logos changed, they were hated. We just didn't have Facebook and Twitter at the time. Remember when they changed the Camaro in the early 90's? Alot of people hated the new look. Now, the classic 80's design is linked to people who still sport a mullet hairdo, missing teeth, and coming from a narrow family tree. The new look will grow on us, especially when the team starts WINNING! That's the real reason we like football, right?

So, buy a new jersey, grab a beer, and watch this team evolve. I'm excited to be a Dolphins fan right now. Haven't been this excited in a long time.


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  1. I like the return to the 1970s blue and getting away from Miami Hurricane green that infested our uniforms during the Marino-era.

    Where's the orange though? Right blue or not, this is too much blue. I also miss the black shadow outline on the jersey numbers.

    Here's hoping they wear the 1972 throwbacks a lot this year!