Friday, December 16, 2011

MTV's Teen Mom? What message is it REALLY sending?

We're all very rich now because 
we got knocked up in 
high school. We're stars!

Teen Mom is a show on MTV where a camera crew follows the so called trials and tribulations of unwed teenage mothers. I use the phrase 'so called' because the last time I checked, there were no camera crews following ordinary families around, but whatever.

There are things I have read and seen about this show that make me believe that if a teenager even applies to be on it, their kid should be taken away for child abuse. How do I know about this show? My wife watches it all the damn time. I have seen a girl literally beating the snot out of her baby daddy. I have seen these twits in screaming matches that get physical with their own parents.

On the surface, it seems like the show is showing how hard it is to raise a kid as a teenager...or at least that's what MTV would like you to believe. Why do I say that? My wife was watching a newscast about one of the cast, and the reporter let this little tidbit out...You might want to grab a chair and sit down...These twits make 6 figure incomes off of this stupid show. So, the scenes where they are living in tiny trailers? All crap. The scenes where the parents kick the kids out of the house? All crap. The scenes where they are crying, wondering how they are going to get their diapers, baby food, etc? You guessed it...All CRAP!

Hey MTV...Want to put on a real show? Don't pay these losers a dime. Give them their 15 minutes of fame, but let them figure out what life is REALLY like. I never knew how much these idiots made until tonight. In fact this stupid show was what made me start a commentary blog with my own opinions about the world we live in, in addition to my other comedy and parody blogs.

So, you have this show on MTV, showing what it is supposed to be like. Meanwhile, word gets out about how much these kids are making. So, answer this for me, MTV...How many teenage girls got themselves knocked up JUST to try to be on that show? You can't answer that, but I bet they are out there. These twits are all over the tabloids, and being treated like real movie stars and such. This is worse than those Jersey Shore morons. This is rewarding stupidity.

And, what is worse? The parents of these teenagers allowed this. You can't sign a contract under the age of 18 without parental consent. So, the parents are enablers. The parents are as much to blame for this as the young couple who got knocked up in the first place.

Now, don't go telling me "But Bill, you're just being unreasonable. Teenagers are going to have sex!" Of course I know that. I'm not stupid, but if I had knocked up a girl at 16, then told my dad that on top of the news that he was going to be a grandfather, I wanted to bring in a camera crew to film everything, and pay me 6 figures, he would have kicked my ass into next month. He would not have allowed me to bring that show into our home. And, he would have made me work more. Yes, I said more. I was working close to 40 hours a week while I was in high school. THAT is what is missing today. Parents are encouraging this type of mentality. They see the CA$H and don't give a second thought to the message this sends out, and how it could actually ruin a child's life.

So, keep on it, MTV. Maybe one of the show's producer's daughters will get knocked up at 14 years old. If does happen, I hope the producer HATES the baby daddy.

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